The Rules!

We don't have many rules...

Click on "Book A Pitch" to see our revised conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic!

Our main objective here at Penhalt Farm is to allow all guests to enjoy uninterrupted peace and privacy, therefore you can understand why we have these few rules...

  • No Gazebo's or similar are permitted.
  • All visiting vehicles, trailers and property, should be insured against any loss or liability as our farm insurance does NOT cover anything NOT belonging to the farm!

  • Only 'off the grass' BBQs are allowed. Camp fires are not permitted as the campsite sits mainly on grass.

  • No loud music or televisions so as to disturb other visitors, especially late evenings when young children may be sleeping (or trying to!)

  • Dogs must be kept under control at all times. Remember this is a farming community and there are farm animals nearby. 

  • Should you wish to cancel a booking, before arrival, we will refund the amount in excess of the deposit, by the method used to pay us. Any refund of the deposit is entirely at the owners discretion.